Sustainable, Ethical, Environment-Friendly Baroque Pearls

Pearls are among the most environmentally friendly types of jewellery anyway and Seepearls aims to take it a stage further. Watch this video on our home page and judge for yourself.

Baroque Pendant & Earring Fittings
Are made from stainless steel that's light, strong (much tougher than gold or silver), scratch-resistant and won't tarnish or corrode. Earring fittings are surgical stainless steel (grade 316L) that's extra hypoallergenic for pierced ears. All pendants come with an attractive, 18-inch, stainless steel chain.

Extra Large Class 1 Pendant
extra large baroque pearl pendant
Extra Large Pendant £275
These large pearls, famed for their 'just found on the seabed' look, are totally unique and sure to cause a stir. In natural daylight, baroques may exhibit the legendary 'pearl orient' - a kaleidoscope of colours that shimmer on the surface like the rainbow effect seen on a large soap bubble.
Large Class 1 Pendant
large baroque pearl pendant
Large Pendant £135

Pearl culturing gets ever more sophisticated but sometimes a mollusc just says 'blow this, I'm doing my own thing'. The result may be a large baroque pearl, familiar to the Romans and Elizabethans. Many baroques have pits, cracks, holes, and miscolouration - flaws unacceptable today. Those baroques are cheap, but if you want a look prized by connoisseurs and celebrities, it's top-quality Class 1 baroque pearls for you.

Class 1 Fantail Necklace

17 inches (approx) £485

Vibrant 20mm Fantail Pearls
Most people haven't heard of fantail (or fireball) pearls because the culturing procedure is a recent innovation. The partnership between man and mollusc is the same as for South Sea pearls, but in a non-marine environment. Every pearl is unique.
Note: Due to varying pearl sizes, necklaces are an approximate length.

Large Class 1 Earrings
large baroque pearl earrings
Pair Earrings £214
Please note: Because every baroque pearl is unique, the pearls you receive will be similar, but not identical, to those shown above. Earring pairs will be as well-matched as possible but again, not identical.

Choose Your Own Unique Baroque Pendant
These top-quality, Class 1 pearls are mounted on simple 'twisted pins', allowing their unique shape and play of light and colour to display unimpeded. A polished wood box, an 18-inch stainless steel chain and a Certificate of Authenticity complete the package. The pearl you choose is the one you receive. Like snowflakes, no two are the same.
Class 1 baroque pearl pendants

Pearl Lengths are given in millimetres

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